Track & Trace

  • In line with government guidelines we are required to collect contact information for guests visiting the hotel.

    Kindly complete the form below including at least 1 person from each household part of your party and accept the corona virus declaration.

    Submissions will be retained for only the 21 days* inline with guidelines.

  • Including children, how many are in your group.
  • Please enter details for at least 1 person from each household of your group. Phone and email are required for the group leader however we kindly ask that where possible at least 1 method of contact is entered for each household.
    Guest Name Guest Phone Guest Email Actions
    There are no Guests.

    Maximum number of guests reached.

  • No person should enter the hotel if any of the following apply;
    - Have had symptoms of Corona Virus in the last 14 days.
    - Has a temperature of over 38C.
    - Have been advised to self isolate in the last 14 days.
    - Entered the UK from a country listed by the government as requiring quarantine period in last 14 days.
    - Has been in physical proximity to another person who is suspected to have or has tested positive for Corona Virus and not yet been tested themselves.
    - Tested positive for Corona Virus and not been given all clear by a qualified doctor

*with the exception of the lead guests name and email address should you opt in to our newsletter, otherwise along with all additional guest information submissions will be automatically deleted after 21 days.